Drone + Aerial

Drone + Aerial

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We are 'The Drone Guys'

Pioneers of custom build multi-rotors in the Whitsundays.

We work on a dual operator basis and have a large fleet of drones for all applications.

Fully Licensed ReOC Holders and Insured.

See your project from the Th3rd Dimension!

Experts in all things drone and aerial.


Th3rd Dimension Media holds a current ReOC Licenced issued by CASA.
We hold current Public Liabillity and Indemnity Insurance as required by our ReOC.
Our Cheif Pilot Holds PPL(H), RePl, AROC, BVLOS + Night Operations Clearance.

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Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of Photo and Video Cinema Mountable Options, Mapping and Surveying Technology and Specialised Technology for Crop, Farming and Live Stock Surveying and Management. Our main craft is the
DJI Inspire 2.

Dual Operator

We work on a dual operator basis with one Pilot and one Camera Operator. Having this arrangement allows for each operator to focus solely on their job. We have many, many years of experience of flight, photography and videography together as a team.

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We have been custom building, perfecting our skills and flying remotely operated aircraft for more than 8 years. We know our crafts, our operating procedures, the laws, restrictions and applications for drones like the backs of our hands.

drones for all applications

Aerial Photography + Videography

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Event coverage, commercial video, a wedding film, a group photo, a party or a property, over water, on land, from a moving boat or capturing a cruise ship - we've got the drone for the application.


bride and groom on luxury yacht drone

All of our Wedding Packages include a complimentary drone flight. We get the 'Hollywood Shot' without the Hollywood price tag!

Property + Real Estate

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Drone Applications in the Real Estate and Property Market have boomed in the past few years. It's not all above the perspective it gives - but also having an operator with experience in photo + video to capture that 'Hero Shot!'

Mapping + Surveying

topographical map drone

Our Drones have Mapping and Surveying Technologies to create detailed maps and elevations used in CGI, Geo-engineering and Town Planning applications.

Damage + Assessment

shute harbour cyclone debbie

In March 2017, our local area was impacted by Tropical Cyclone Debbie. In the aftermath, we were contracted by home owners, insurance companies and builders to carry out Damage Assessment of properties and assets.

Crop, Farming + Livestock Management

drone cane harvesting

New Technology for Drones and Farming has allowed us to work with farmers to track, monitor and manage their crops, irrigation, harvest and yield and live stock.